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KVG Research offers research on the TV production companies’ market, based on their unique proprietary methods.The TV PRODCO database includes not only repeat and premiering TV content broadcast on Russian TV channels, but also combines all the projects produced by Russian production companies in a particular time period.

Research focusing onthe TV production market in Russia can assess the volume of produced content which really exists in the market, and also track the chronology of the rights to projects produced by production companies. In addition, KVG Research offers an annual catalogue of Russian production companies with detailed information about them, descriptions of their projects and programmes, and also where they are located.

KVG Research offers a variety of formats for analyticreports of TV production in Russia: overall market, niche, and targeted, which study one or several players in the market. And quarterly monitoring of TV films and TV series conducted by KVG Research contains the maximum of data about TV projects launched by production companies for the federal free-to-air Russian TV channels.