Targeted research

Targeted research is oriented on the study of one or several projects broadcasting on TV. The report includes the detailed analysis of the premieres and reruns of the projects in terms of media parameters, competitive environment and the other parameters. The period of the research can have various duration: from 1 month to several years.



Research of the Russian paid television market includes an analysis of the content on the largest pay TV channels, distribution of content by types, genres, year of production, and many other parameters. Moreover, the report provides TOP production companies, which is based on the volume of broadcast on TV channel.

Report also shows the structure of the pay TV market in Russia by technologies, described key segments of the pay TV (satellite, cable, IPTV, mobile, internet, OTT), main market players and events of the year, as well the forecast for the development of pay TV in Russia.


This study is devoted to features of licensing market in Russia, also to stages of the companies with the purchase/sale of licenses and to the factors that must be considered at every stage. By interviews method with licensed companies will be collected practical advice on the conclusion of new heroes to the market and approaches to localization, distribution and promotion of brands in the Russian market.

In addition, the study dismantled licensing online characters, shows the ratio of Russian and foreign heroes, considered the market pricing.