Monitoring of TV series and TV films production

The study period: quarter

Monitoring consists of the list of TV projects in various production stages for the major Russian TV channels.

Monitoring includes the title of a TV series or television film, channel of broadcast, a production company, production stage, genre, number of episodes, names of the producers, directors, script writers, actors.

Moreover, this report includes the comparative analysis of the present and the previous periods which enables to trace the growing or reducing production popularity of various genres for the seven major TV channels, the occupancy of the production companies, directors, script writers and other parameters. The monitoring also provides TOP-lists of production companies in terms of the current producing and the lists of adaptations with the titles of formats.

KVG Research’s monitoring based on the information from open sources as well as the data from production companies and TV channels. For this analysis KVG Research uses its self-developed instrument TV PRODCO which enables to estimate the quantity and quality parameters of TV production market participants in Russia.