KVG Research is a part of the Key Vision Group and specializes in media market research. The priority direction of our activity is the analysis of TV and VOD markets and its major players.

KVG Research has its own unique methodology, which enables to evaluate the overall parameters of the TV industry, as well as its separate segments. The data provided by KVG Research are based on multilevel databases TV RETE, VOD RETE, TV PRODCO, and TV PRETIUM, which updates every day. These tools allow to analyse market at different levels of detail.

TV RETE is an instrument for analysing TV content broadcast on Russian TV. The TV RETE is a multilevel database, which is constantly updated and allows information to be monitored at different time periods and levels of detail down to fundamental segments and particular projects broadcasting.


TV PRODCO is an instrument for evaluate the quantitative and qualitative parameters of the participants in the TV content producers’ market. TV PRODCO may be used as for a general analysis of the production companies’ market, and as for an assessment of its different segments and players. The database takes into account not only the volume of TV content in Russian TV broadcast, but also the content produced by the companies as a whole.


TV PRETIUM is an instrument for modeling the sales and production costs of TV content for a specific genre and type for a particular TV channel. TV PRETIUM may be used during the launch of a project’s production, business planning and entry into new market segments, as well as for the analysis of TV content sales and purchases.


VOD RETE - methodology that helps to organize and consolidate data about Russian content on online platforms with license video. VOD RETE allows to study the content on many components, to detect share ratio certain types and genres of content and to analyze such VOD market model as TVoD, SVoD, EST.