KVG Research to Deliver a Presentation on the Two Platforms for Feature Films in Russia at the 65th Cannes International Film Festival

The presentation will analyse cinemas and national TV channels from the point of view of showing feature films in Russia. Separately, the presentation will examine Russian film premiere releases and TV broadcasts in 2011.


Channel One Russia and Russia 1 Now Are Leaders in Terms of Percentage of Feature Films broadcast in 2011.

According to data from KVG Research, 60% of Russian feature films shown on TV in 2011 were shown by Channel One and Russia 1. The Research of Feature Films Broadcast in 2011 considers the national channels (Channel One, Russia 1, NTV, TNT, CTC, and REN TV) in terms of national and foreign feature films broadcast since January 1 till December 31, 2011. Russian film premieres, 20% of which were broadcast by national TV channels in 2011, were analysed separately.


KVG Research to Present a Review at MIP TV of the Foreign Formats Market in Russia

The presentation will open the session The Global Formats Workshops: Meet the experts from Russia, conducted by MIP TV and dedicated tothepeculiarities of selling adaptation rights of foreign formats to the Russian market.


Original Russian TV Formats Purchased Abroad More and More

According to data from KVG Research, the growth of adapted projects from original Russian formats amounted to 39% in 2011.

According to data collected over the five years, around 80 adaptations of original Russian programmes and TV series have been broadcast abroad. In 2011 a peak of this activity was seen: 25 adapted Russian formats were shown abroad, representing a 39% increase compared to 2010.

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